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A Legacy of Faith

Aziel and Marian Jones conducted the original missionary work of understanding the Cabécar language and translation of the New Testament. Early translation work was done in 1958 and they completed and published the New Testament in 1993. The following tribute beautifully expresses the impact of their witness to the Cabécar people and perseverance to bring the Word of God to these people, so that they might know salvation through Jesus Christ.

Words We Learned As Children
By Paul Lloret about Aziel and Marian Jones

When he first came,
We thought him as such
As many who had come.
Our fathers told
Of men who came with weapons,
And who walked throughout our land.
And now they pass in birds
That grind and clatter in the sky
But he has stayed.

At first it was not often
That he came.
He talked to us at first
As others talked,
In Spanish words we’d gathered
From the marketplace as men.
But always did he ask
For words we learned as children.
He stopped us on the trail
To ask, and ask, and ask again.
Until we wondered why
His mind forgot so quick.

Days he walked
And nights he spent
Within our houses
Tired, but always asking.
Then he built his house
Beside our trail
And we would visit him
And talk—we always talked.
And he would ask of things
Our fathers said.
Of spirits, and of rains,
Of sickness, and tigers,
Hogs and corn.
And as we talked,
He marked the paper full
Until he had
An overflowing treasure box.

Others come,
And asking questions,
Taking pictures, leave.
But he has stayed,
And now he talks to us.
In words we learned as children.
He talks to us of one
Who orders evil spirits out of men,
Who stops the water
In its deadly course,
Who stops the sickness of men.
He made a book for us to read
And walks to us again
To read and talk.

He is the strangest sort of man
He does not want our land,
He totes our zinc to make our roofs
And wire for pasture land,
And cleans our wounds
And helps us with our pain.
He stops his work
To listen to us talk,
And talks to us
Of one who made the earth
We walk apon…
In words we learned and children.

Aziel and Marian Jones have since retired from their mission work in the rain forests of Costa Rica, but their legacy of love continues through the lives of three of their sons and their respective families; Timothy, Philip and David. In total, Aziel and Marian had 8 children, most of which have dedicated their lives to field mission work.