Prayer Needs

David & Lucy

  1. For our own home: For Lucy and I to enjoy each other and our days together with our kids and that our home would be a peaceful, happy place even when we are busy taking care of the needs of others. For help to give Andrew and Levi proper attention and to tirelessly train and teach them.
  2. For God to move powerfully throughout these mountains bringing many to repentance.
  3. For Gods anointing and blessing on everything we do.
  4. That God would continually open doors that no one can close to all that is good and helpful in advancing the Kingdom throughout all these mountains and close doors to all that is not of Him so that the true Kingdom of God can be built.
  5. For men and woman of God with servant hearts to be raised up throughout the mountains who will work hard, with no desire for monitory gain or fame, at reaching there own people.
  6. For wisdom as we are constantly faced with the challenge of making so many kinds of minor and major ministry decisions.

Philip & Saukeen

Special Request:
Philip's white truck was stolen 2/7/08 from in front of his in-laws house in San Jose. He does have another vehicle which was being borrowed by another missionary. They were in San Jose with a church member for an operation to be done on his eye. He has a detached retina. Philip and Saukeen have worked a long time on getting this operation to come about for him. This was discouraging. We have been very encouraged by the response from our family in Christ. We have a fund that is available to assist with a vehicle purchase. Philip and Aaukeen are getting by with a small truck and waiting for the Lord's timing for a replacement. Please continue to lift them up in prayer. If you are able to help with replacement costs, please donate and designate the funds for "Philip & Saukeen, vehicle".

Timothy & Kiery

  1. Strength of faith and body
  2. Clarity of mind and vision.
  3. Discernment each day to see how to accomplish our goal (when to wait, when to go forward, and how.)
  4. Faith for the means to accomplish his will.
  5. Prosperity of the various means of generating income
  6. Skill in executing His will and administering the many facets of our goal.
  7. Increased and improved leadership on our part and on the part of those under us.
  8. The formation of our six children in the kingdom
  9. Skilled, humble, diligent HANDS to do the work.
  10. The completion of the revision of the Cabecar New Testament by March ‘06