David & Lucy

As building projects such as schools and health centers become available in isolated communities, vocational training can be combined with evangelism. Our disciples could get these jobs and earn badly needed money while at the time be doing evangelism.

By using their skills to help in projects such as building church buildings, our disciples can also bless Christians in other mountain communities far away where we do not work, thus promoting the uniting of churches throughout the mountains that we long to see.

Developing mini ministry bases: We want develop “mini ministry bases” at strategic geographical locations at points where trails start that lead up into different remote communities. (Presently we are beginning our first “mini ministry base”. Development of more bases is only a long range goal) Depending on the region, these bases would be at the end or near the end of drivable roads and we would want to have telephone communication with these bases and electricity if at all possible. (These bases would include are house for those that take care of the place, a shelter for people to stay in when they are coming out of or returning to the jungle and simple building suitable for special activities.)

Purpose of bases:

  1. To serve as a clearing house for supplies, materials, and equipment in and out of the mountains and to boost our weak “word of mouth” communication system to remote communities.
  2. To provide a place for scheduled meetings for the churches in the region that the ministry base covers.
    Purpose of scheduled meetings:
    1. Bible teaching, discipleship and leadership training
    2. Communication and fellowship for the believers in that region and prayer for their needs.
    3. Dealing with problems and issues in the churches of that region.
    4. Planning and announcing activities in that region and in other regions also.
  3. To provide place for vocational training when applicable
  4. To provide a shelter for mountain people coming in or out of the jungle

(We are dreaming of putting a small business at the mini base we are beginning to develop. The business could provide the salaries of those that run the base and could provide cash to maintain the base. We could also help the mountain people by providing the products and services they need right there at the end of the road at a little better price. We would need qualified, honest people to run this business and we could possibly employ some of our disciples to help in the business.)

Ministering from our home base: We regularly have people, mostly Christians from remote places, come to stay with us at our home when they come out of the jungle to look for work in order to buy the basic things they need for survival in the jungle. Some also come because of health problems. They may stay just one night, a week, or up to a month. When its possible we give these people work and we take advantage of the visits to continue teaching and discipleship along with literacy help where applicable.

This ministry from our home base plays an important part in our ministry in very remote areas that we can’t visit often. It is very challenging though; to find time here at home to give to these friends from the mountains since we are always busy taking care of the normal cares of life while working hard to give our children proper attention. (I’m away in the mountains often so there is always a lot to do when I’m home and I also need time after trips to rest as these trips take a lot out of me.)