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The Organization

What is special about the River of God organization is that is is formed by a team of people that have worked side-by-side with the Jones family in Costa Rica, and share their vision, love, and desire to reach the mountain people for Christ. This support and relationship continues to bring blessings to all of the lives that have been touched. The River of God organization is entirely non-profit, and is recognized in the State of Indiana and by the Federal Government by its 501(c)3 tax status. All monies collected go towards the mission work being conducted in Costa Rica. The majority of all people involved have supported financially and in time, without compensation. In fact, we can say that greater than 100% of any money donated will go on to the mission field, because we are financial donors also.

Our board members are:

  • Dr. Lisa Beihn, President
  • Jay Shultz, Vice-President
  • Chris McMichen, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Randall Stringer, Mission Liaison

The officers have a group of dedicated individuals that serve on a board of advisors. The advisors meet with as part of the "organization" and support the work in many ways, including: communications, prayer, financial advisors, fund raising, business counseling. This structure allows the non-profit organization to function with a relatively lean structure, but still offers the resources needed to support the variety to duties. All members of the corporate board and board of advisors are volunteers.

If you find that you are being compelled by the Holy Spirit to join in supporting this work, please contact us.