River of God  
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The People

People is what this world is about. We are people of God and he has given us free will to choose to love Him. God created the world for man as something to enjoy with Him. The mountain people of Costa Rica are no acception. When we speak of the mountain people, we are referring to the indigeanous people of ther land, these are the indians that settled in this place after God confused the languages and disbursed people to all corners of the earth. (Genesis 11:9)

It is love for God and our savior Jesus Christ that we share the Gospel message. There is no place in scripture that says this will be an easy task. The Jones’ family has dedicated years of work to understand the language, develop a written form of the language, such that the Bible can be translated into Cabécar. Since the Cabécars did not have a written form of their language, the Jones’ also must teach them to read their language. This perseverance can only be sustained by one thing — Love. Love for Jesus. Love for our bretheren.